• One of our first steps will be to assess honestly,
• Knowing where you are right now?
• What has been holding you back?
• What experiences you really want from life?
Once we understand these keys points, we can begin moving through the deeper transformation that you are seeking and ultimately help you achieve your goals to a happier and healthier life 

Think future feel now for 2024 and beyond!

Jackie Cross is a fully Certified, insured and Experienced Holistic Therapist with 25 years of treating clients
and offers the treatments below (and others) or  a combination to help if required and often work intuitively


BodyTalk,Emotion Code,Body Code,Magnectic Mind Recode, Jackie Cross, in8wisdom.uk

The “Magnetic Mind Recode” working with your “Superconscious” is the effective 5-step process helping you to create the changes to living the life you would love. 

The “Emotion Code” finds the cause and helps clear you of these “Emotional” traumas that can create pain, emotional stress, and even disease and is a powerful, simple and effective system.

The “Body Code” finds the causes where “Physical” pain or “Emotional” trauma has manifested in your life and can help heal using this powerful, simple and effective system.

We can subconsciously build an energetic “Heart Wall” around our heart when we have been hurt or have experienced some sort of trauma and act’s as a protective “Wall”! 

I find muscle testing to be an invaluable tool that I use professionally and personally. I have been asked many times to run this workshop and share how to muscle test and how to use it.

My journey in the field of Complimentary Health started over 20 years ago and it has been an enjoyable journey of “Self” discovery and use a range of tailored life enhancing services for you.

I work Nationally and Internationally with Clients by Zoom
I offer home visits within a 5 – 10 or 15 mile radius of Christchurch, Dorset
Home visits are subject to specific days and have an extra charge

Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner Jackie Cross in8wisdom

Facilitating positive changes can enhance the quality of your life, giving you more emotional and physical freedom to be more of who you are and how you choose your life to be. I facilitate creating those positive changes with you and working with your inherent innate wisdom we uncover and free the causes of being out of balance with yourself and your life. Changing your health, your intentions and your well being is life enhancing. My work facilitates the clearing of old energetic blockages that can manifest in the physical or emotional and/or energetic body. Clearing the blockages allows for more ease and flow creating a healthier and happier life. I attune to your energy and emotional body to determine what is possible to clear. With the support of your innate wisdom we recalibrate and rebalance all that is out of alignment to bring a life of good health and joy. I work with you to Support the re-programming of thoughts, and emotions to create the desired changes in your life. Asking the appropriate questions to invite what is truly possible to manifest and actualise in all areas of your life. This work will help you to clear the stress and anxiety that arises within challenging relationships, money issues, road blocks in your life, needing change and direction, physical and health challenges.

Certified & Insured Authentic Natural Therapist, Coach, Facilitator & Practitioner

Magnetic Mind Recoding
The Emotion Code, The Body Code
Access Consciousness & The Bars
The Heart Wall,
Energetic Facelift, EFT, Reiki
Personal Intuitive Therapies

Jackie Cross, Holistic Therapist, in8wisdom.uk