Who is Jackie Cross
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My journey in the field of Complimentary Health started  over 25 years ago – and continues to be a  journey of discovery.
I have a range of skills, wisdom and knowledge that allow me to offer a range of tailored life enhancing services for you.
I am as unique as you are – THAT is what is so special.

My journey in life as like many of yours has had its up’s and downs.
For a good part of my life, I had no idea how my childhood trauma had been playing such a big part of my mindset. How after so long I was still giving power to these negative beliefs and patterns. Even if the traumas are long gone, the old stuck energies, emotions and memories were so ingrained, that this becomes the new normal, creating destructive structural patterns that I did not even know I had! With this as the new normal, the destructive behaviour pattern took form, and I perfected the art of self-sabotage. I became the creator of my own inner turmoil and without even realising created situations so my beliefs could be reinforced! You know so that inner voice could say, I told you so! 

As a child doing things I loved or just being me resulted in getting teased, bullied, and laughed at,  when this happened so many times, without realizing I started to shut down.  
I am sure there are lots of things I could share that you may relate to yourself. I can look back now of course and see just how much fear, self-doubt, lack of confidence, self-sabotage I had been living with for so long! 

I know that I am so grateful to have found amazing people who started me on my own inner journey. A journey that when I first started seemed so farfetched to be true! But slowly and surly I have unpacked and released so much old stuff that has helped me create changes in my life, that now I have a passion in me to show others what is possible. If I can, you can! 

I have certified in many modalities over the years each having their own qualities, building my unique toolbox ready to be a service when required. I love continuing to learn new things that feel in alignment with my work. I am excited to now add 2022 Magnetic Mind Recoding to my toolbox! 

Life is continually moving and changing, living the life we love is so important, keeping our vibration and energies in a good place, especially our minds, heart, and our focus! We may come across challenges in our lives, even world situations, I am not saying it’s easy, but being as aware as possible of how we react, act and deal with them, can help. Always Creating the best possible outcome! 

Now I know, the more I do what I love, the more my heart opens safely, the more my heart opens the more I am in alignment with my true essence, the more I stay in creation, the more joy is felt! Ever creating! 

My heartfelt love to you all. 

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Hearts Can Be Found Everywhere!

Finding hearts and taking their picture is a little passion of mine!I live on the outskirts of The New Forest, in Hampshire, England.
I love spending time with my family, my friends, dancing, walking, taking photographs (especially hearts where, if you look, they are everywhere) spending time on the water around the lovely harbour and sea close by, and many other activities as well.

“NATURALLY ENHANCING HEALTH” delivers a comprehensive range of complimentary natural services, designed & tailored to transform the health & wellbeing of your wonderful unique LIFE!

WE are 100% responsible for our OWN behaviors, thoughts, nutrition, patterns, lifestyles, exercise, vibrancy, lifestyle and so on….

WE all know when something is not quite aligned or ‘right’ the challenge is sometimes identifying

what it is, who can assist me, and where do I start?

The first step is to take ACTION, and the fact that you have visited “NATURALLY ENHANCING HEALTH” and are reading this now, demonstrates that your journey has already started!

Holistic wellness, and embracing life to its full and rich potential, requires us all to overcome so many challenges,

pressures, and the consequential impact to our health.

I hope this introduction will provide you with an initial overview and ‘food for thought’ and you will intuitively know

what ‘feels right’ for you and to contact me to discuss your own unique circumstances.

Let me share the following with you – which I trust will demonstrate how working together with me could be exactly what delivers the positive change you are seeking.


   We all have patterns, experiences, energies and ‘stuff’ that we often carry through life, consciously or unconsciously

These can result in a positive or negative impact to our life now and into the future. 

And of course it is unique to each of us.

So, what if “NATURALLY ENHANCING HEALTH”  offers options to you, and with my assistance, you are allowed you to be fully supported and guided gently and unconditionally through a process of YOU releasing those patterns?


“We are our thoughts” – so choose good ones!

Based on our perspectives, conditioning and perceptions, we may be caught in a cycle of certain thought patterns,

which in turn trigger behaviors, that no longer serve us.

How might we change this? 

We are all unique individuals & what works for one may not work for another so, what if “NATURALLY ENHANCING HEALTH” actually offers a framework within which I personally guide you through a reprogram of the triggers for those thoughts

and YOU set those thoughts free?


Sadly, not all life experiences are positive ones!

So if we have experiences that are impacting our quality of life we deserve so much more

We need to find OUR new path and move on, not let the past dictate who we are today, and embrace our future life – viewing every new moment as a blank page full of opportunity and wonder

This is easier said than done right?………..or is it!

So, what if “NATURALLY ENHANCING HEALTH” supports and guides you on a gentle journey to address the memory of those negative experiences – and YOU clear, clear, clear the impact ?


“We are what we eat”

Emotions and Diet are interlinked, we know that now, a healthy diet and lifestyle effects how we feel inwardly and outwardly

Nutrition and Exercise that is right for where you are now, and where you require to be tomorrow, require careful consideration.

But there are so many conflicting views and options available – which way to turn?


My personal journey…to date!

My journey in the field of Complimentary Health started  over 25 years ago – and it continues to be a journey of discovery.

I have a range of skills, wisdom and knowledge that allow me to offer a range of tailored life enhancing services for you.

I am as unique as you are – THAT is what is so special. 

I will take the time to understand and hear what you say and we work TOGETHER, using the right mix of treatments

and at the pace that is perfect for YOU.

It is how we work together, and which of my range of services I will use for your benefit, that makes the difference.

We all start from the same place believe me : 25 years ago a friend asked me if I would go with her to a wellness day, I must admit I really had no idea what to expect and I certainly knew nothing about holistic health.

That day was the first time I received a “treatment”.

I got up from the couch feeling so much lighter and relaxed!

This was a much appreciated gift for a single mum of two small boys .

I recall thinking “Wow what has just happened”?,  I had not been asleep yet felt so refreshed, energized & somehow different!

Being told I could do this for myself and also help others with their healing process intrigued me so I decided to start with Reiki healing, and trained to attune with Reiki.  

This was my first introduction to energy balancing and being able to give and receive this energy is a true blessing,

but it didn’t stop there…

My passion & interest in learning more led me to train & certify in many other therapeutic skills over the years, each one having its unique technique and knowledge for me to be able to use when required (please refer to my ‘Accreditation & Certifications’ Section on this website for further information)

 Learning the importance of clearing patterns, beliefs, traumas, memories from this life (and sometimes while you are still in the womb) was (& still is) so amazing to me.  

I am passionate about the benefits, results and our emotional well being and our physical health go hand in hand. 

Our minds, thoughts and physical bodies are powerful – I just knew this was my path in life! 

It felt right.

I am so grateful to my many teachers & mentors for everything that has so generously been shared with me on my own personal journey – and brought me to you right here and now.

I am also grateful to my many special clients, for their trust and commitment to both themselves and to me.

My promise to YOU is that I will do my very best to deliver to YOU what YOU require and seek at the time that suits your journey.

My knowledge and experience are a gift to be shared for the benefit of others and you deserve to live the life that is yours and yours alone. 

If you will allow me to work with you – together WE can give you your wonderful unique LIFE!

With the knowledge I have I will do my best to help you clear what is showing up for you

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