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Welcome to my Wellness Channel​

Update, January 12th 2024, further videos will be uploaded soon, thank you for looking.

An uplifting and energising start to the day.
I have been sharing this routine every morning during this time of lock in period with friends.
They have been sharing the benefits they are experiencing, so I have chosen to share with you.
This is a way of Encouraging energy flow and energising the body. 
This routine encourages stagnant energy to move and flow.
Stimulates the immune system, which is so important at this time.
Invites the body’s energies to rebalance. Giving ourselves time and self care.

It is very Positive And Uplifting way to start the day!

Immune System Booster Tool
I have chosen to share this as a tool to boost the immune system as it so important at this time.

 MTVSS is an amazing tool from Access Consciousness that I will also use during a clients “Access Bars” treatment and indeed I use this myself.

By asking MTVSS and all the rest to run (three times).
it starts to change the molecular structure of the body and  it is designed to undo any imbalances.

Even if our intellectual minds do not understand, our bodies will know this energy, how amazing is that!

Using this regularly can really help boost your immune system!

The Art of Muscle Testing, would you like your very own truth detector?
Using Muscle Testing you can access your own subconscious database and access information the memory may have forgotten or not now be as accurate.
Muscle testing helps to get answers because the body gives us a physical response!
The muscles of the body strengthen when we know the truth and weaken when we know an untruth.
There are many different ways to muscle test and I will share with you the ones I have found to be the easiest to learn in this video and it’s my invitation for you to use and practice this until you feel at ease and confident in your answers.
Only a yes or a no is required, no maybe’s or doubts.
This may come with ease or it may require time to learn this new tool.
Practice away from distraction of any kind and make sure you are hydrated.
If after doing lots of practicing you are still having challenges please message me.
This is an amazing tool I use on myself and with clients and I love empowering with these tools you can easily use at home.
Its amazing when my clients experience the responses their body gives!

Give a hug to yourself and the World
I facilitate a Zoom meeting every morning and following one of my sessions I just felt the requirement to send You and the World a Hug

“I feel much more energetic and happy, I am ready to get on with the rest of my day”
“Staying more centred, able to keep focussed on tasks through the day, less aches and pains”
“Sets me up for the day”
“An(other) uplifting session with which to start the day, getting the energy moving and releasing redundant feelings and emotions just a little bit more each day, all with such a lovely group of people, thank you”
“So grateful for your willingness to share Jackie, it’s just such an uplifting start to the day – it makes my body laugh all over””I’m feeling really great Jackie, my energy is back and I feel much lighter and less stressed”
“My body is still battling a stubborn UTI, it’s strange I never get UTI stuff, so I’m really focusing on that area in the sessions to bring balance”
For me I a noticing I have more energy!