Access Bars® release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, feelings and emotions

What Are "The Bars"?

Access Bars is an energetic body process involving gentle touching of 32 points on your head. These points (aka The Bars) store the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, stress and locked up energy in you mind and body.

They relate to all areas of your life such as creativity, awareness, body, sexuality, joy, sadness, money, control, and many more.

When you receive a Bars session, it allows the charge on these areas to dissipate, together with the stress and worry, giving you the choice to be more generative and to have something different show up in your life. With ease!

Recently, neuroscientist Dr. Jeffrey L. Fannin had a chance to perform a before and after analysis of what occurs with the brain after a single session. Here are the results that blew him away…

Access Bars Process

As there are Bars for every aspect of your life do you think it’s possible that you could clear limitations in any aspect of your life? Would you like to clear any limitations relating to healing, body, control, awareness, creativity, hopes and dreams, sadness and joy, power, ageing, sex and money?

Each Bars session can release years of limitation in the area of your life that correspond with the Bars being touched. This is an incredibly nurturing and relaxing process, undoing limitations in all aspects of your life without any effort on your part. You just get to lie there and receive.

At worst, you feel like you have just had a great massage. At best, your whole life can change into something greater with total ease, what else is possible?

Access Consciousness Bars Jackie Cross

What Happens In An Access Bars Or Body Process Session?

Firstly, having your Bars run is incredibly relaxing. You don’t have to do or think about anything but instead you just lie down and receive. For the entire process you will be lying down, face up and fully clothed. To initiate the process, the practitioner will start pulling energy through your body. From then on, the whole session will be focused on your head with the practitioner lightly touching various points. With a Body Process session, the practitioners hands will go on the specific placements for the process you are receiving. This could just be one position for one process, or it could be several. The whole session will typically last for 60 – 90 minutes. During the session you are free to do as you please; you can talk to the practitioner or just float off in a world of your own. After the session, at worst you’ll feel like you’ve had a great massage, and at best, your whole life could improve – how does it get any better than that?!

Access Consciousness Body Processes

If we consider the Bars to be the first Body Process in Access, and we define a Body Process by the fact that it is a hands on treatment, as opposed to a verbal process (the other big tool in Access), which does not need to have any contact, we can see the 2 distinct aspects of this work.

Beyond the Bars there are well over 40 different hands on processes that seek to activate and change the energy in the body with a wide range of focuses. Sometimes what the body requires is not a Bars process, but something else. The Body Processes give us a range of ways we can look at the molecular and energetic nature of the body and encourage a choice to change.

Access Bars Jackie Cross

Why Would You Have An Access Bars Or Body Process Session?

Having your Bars run can have so many profound effects, including (but not limited to): Reduced stress and worry, Reduced mind chatter, Increased energy, Elimination of aches, pains and stiffness in the body, Improved sleep, Elimination of insomnia, Getting out of depression, Autism, ADD & ADHD, Decreased ageing, And it can even help you lose weight!

Having Your "Bars Run" Will Help:​

  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Benefits physical health
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Increases happiness
  • Relieves depression
  • Increased peace and harmony
  • Assists in releasing old patterns of behavior
  • More emotionally balanced
  • Relaxation
  • Calm endless mind chatter
  • Bring greater focus
  • Helps ADD and ADHD
  • Higher consciousness and oneness
  • Allows you access to greater energy and eases exhaustion
  • Aids communication and relationships
  • Money, abundance and wealth
  • Increases perception and intuition
  • See negative issues dissolving and dissipating
  • Be more able to connect to joy and happiness
  • Helps Depression. Mental health issues, Anxiety states.
  • Panic Attacks Blocks to Self worth and Limitations
  • Sleep and sleep patterns
  • All of this happens as the practitioner gently places their fingers on the 32 points or ‘bars’ on and around the head.