The Heart Wall

Heart Wall

What Is A Heart Wall?

Everything is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies, so the concept of the Heart-Wall seems simple enough – a protective wall of energy made of trapped emotions

We build this energetic wall around our heart when we have been hurt or experienced some sort of trauma. It is acting as a protection to avoid feeling the hurt that your being remembers from all the memories it has stored from every situation

What Will I Experience When My Heart Wall Is Removed?

As trapped emotions vibrate at lower frequencies releasing them changes your energy and raises your vibration, you will be putting out a different vibration once your heart wall is removed.
So therefore, you will attract different circumstances into your life. You won’t feel as guarded and perhaps now people may see you, or feel drawn to you who may not have noticed you before.
Interactions with people will feel different. Perhaps you won’t be so bothered by people and their behavior.
You may feel more a desire to connect with people in a different way. And perhaps a wish to feel love again when that wasn’t your intention before

How I Will Work With You

I love helping to clear Heart Walls, it is a pleasure to share peoples unique journey of change
There are times when we can feel vulnerable about clearing our heart wall, each of us have our own unique story, so we can always check in with your body and ask if clearing is a priority
I work with your innate wisdom to simply find and clear what has been limiting you in your wonderful life

The Cleared Heart Wall

“Clearing my heart wall has given me more expansion and the ability to be more open with myself”
We are all unique and all our experiences are different