Magnetic Mind Recode Jackie Cross Holistic Therapist in8wisdom

The Magnetic Mind Recode 

Welcome to the Magnetic Mind Recode, I am so pleased to be sharing this with you.  

Are you challenged with certain areas of your life? You know, those things that get in the way of you living the life you would love. 

Maybe your mind chatter takes over, or you are experiencing challenges related to stress around money, relationships, emotional trauma, health issues, depression, weight, even things like procrastination, lack of motivation the list could go on! You know, the things that weigh you down, restrict and create limitations. Sometimes we are not even aware of what hold us back. 

There are so many things that can get in the way of us living a more free and joyful life. 

Just know You are Not Brokenyou do Not Need Fixing 

The Magnetic Mind Recode is a 5-step process in creating the changes you desire. This is an easy and non-invasive structured process, that does require all 5 steps to get the most satisfaction. 

 I will be with you guiding you with every step of the way. Each step is specifically designed in a structured way, to be focused on your desired outcome, treat and release the resistance, and actively take steps toward your desired end result. 

Working with the Super Conscious we can access all parts of you, this encompasses all levels, layers and aspects of you, past, present, even future! Getting you on the path of least resistance and in focused creating!  

I have seen clients that rate their resistance at a 10 and after a recode, gone down to a 2!  

This gives less resistance and more space to create and make new choices. 

The Recode 

Creating a connection with your superconscious genius and teaching your brain how to create new connections as well as release lifelong beliefs, trauma and out of date patterning, even inherited patterns, trauma, this list can go on! 

Be in Alignment with Your Heart, Mind and Soul’s Desire. Make your True Choices. 

How do we know it works, proof is in the experience, also the science of neuroplasticity that show’s your brain can change! The brain can literally rewire, how amazing is that. What wires together, fires together. You can be the master of your thoughts, your mind, your choices. 

 Be in creation not distraction!  

It’s like a user manual for your mind…It’s now possible to take control of your mind and recode it in minutes, then take action, forward moving steps.  

Have you ever experienced wanting to change or create something different just to find yourself back in the old cycle…you know 8 steps forward, two steps back?  

Creating change requires a desire, willpower, committing to you, your life and your happiness.  

I can be with you, support you, guid you so you can be in charge of creating your true end result, be open to new possibilities, new choices and change!  

If you keep doing the same, you will keep getting the same! 

Even by changing your thoughts, your mind you are creating change. 

Thoughts become things, so choose the good ones! 

Magnetic Mind Recode Jackie Cross Holistic Therapist in8wisdom